Name: Tine Bollen
Age: 35
Worked at SEAUTON from September 2012 until October 2013


It’s been a while since you left SEAUTON. Where do you work now?

“I work for Martin’s Hotels, a chain with 14 hotels in Belgium. We have hotels in Brussels, Malines and Bruges, but also in Mons, Bilzen, Genval, Waterloo, Louvain-La-Neuve, … It’s a relatively small hotel chain and the atmosphere in our hotels is very friendly and familiar. Most of them are located in buildings with a particular architectural or historical value.”

“My job is Sales Manager Mice & Corpo, which means I am the point of contact for MICE-questions from agencies and organizations. I’m also responsible for prospection in the Limburg region, Halle-Vilvoorde and the Netherlands and for the coordination of events like the opening of new hotels. Just like the other sales colleagues at Martin’s, I also manage the corporate bookings of one our hotels: Martin’s Rentmeesterij in Bilzen.”


What did you learn at SEAUTON? Which memories do you cherish most?

“SEAUTON took my career to the next level. During my time here, it became clear to me what I am good at and I was stimulated to work on my sales and communication skills. There were so many exciting moments that it is hard to name just a few. On my first day on the job I traveled to London for a site inspection. I also prepared my first sales pitch there, which I presented in Belgium only a few days later. What a kick-off!”

“I also remember a 14-day trip to the design week in Milan, a golf cart experience at a congress in Spain, a lecture in the Atomium in Brussels and a project in snowy Berlin. The office lunches were always a great way to catch up with colleagues, as were the legendary SEAUTON parties. And last but not least: the New York WOW experience is an event I will never forget.”


Which advice would you give to people who are dreaming of a career at SEAUTON?

“Being up to date with all the MICE trends is a must if you want to work at SEAUTON, but first and foremost you need to be a go-getter by nature and have attention to detail. Make sure you communicate with your colleagues and with other contacts in an open manner, it will pay off in the end. Work hard, play hard is SEAUTON’s motto. Focus and dedication are extremely important in this job, but what you need most of all is a great team and lots of team spirit. That’s exactly what you can expect at SEAUTON.”